Johanna Billing
The artist speaks on the production of two new pieces for Fondazione Sandretto de Rebaudengo, Italy and Pulheim, Germany. Recorded September 2011.

Johanna Billing (born 1973) is a conceptual artist from Sweden, working mainly with video. She is best known for the works "You Don't Love Me Yet" (2003) and "Magical World" (2005). She deals with issues related to learning and how time plays a key role in this process. The films focus on groups of young people engaged in participative activities (Graduate Show, Project For a Revolution and Magic & Loss) or sometimes single people (Where She Is At). Through this dialogue between individual and collective and between participation and apathy she looks into complex questions that are related the politics of humans interact with each other in general and the Swedish Folkhem ideals in particular. Many of Johanna Billing's printed matters are made in collaboration with Åbäke.
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