Jens Strandberg & Jenny Richards @ Konsthall C



Konsthall C was set up in 2004 as a public art work by the artist Per Hasselberg and Stockholm suburb Hökarängen’s local town council. Housed located within a communal laundry, Konsthall C’s program ‘…focuses on issues such as society building, utopian ideas and democracy from both a local and international perspective’. The directorship of the Konsthall is a two year position, currently undertaken by artists Jens Strandberg and Jenny Richards. In this interview, which took place at Konsthall C in November 2015, Jens and Jenny talk at length on the current show – ‘Open House’, featuring works by Anna Ihle, Hiwa K and writer Gunilla Lundahl in collaboration with Bolaget (Lilian Domec and Thomas Gilek) – and their plans for ‘Home Works’, the umbrella title for their 2015/2016 program.

Apologies are due for the occasional noisy interruptions during the recording. Konsthall C’s building was unfortunately having a new lift installed on the scheduled interview day.