liv strand




In 2011 Liv Strand co-initiated the project ‘Salon Material’. Through an ongoing series of workshops the project aims, within a group setting, to address, question and engage with theory and text within the practise of art. ‘Salon Material’ meetings are indicative of Liv Strand’s broad based practise; relying on a collaborative endeavor as an essential part of the project while simultaneously analysing the conditions and results under the process it is carried out. What are the givens of collaboration? How we interact when confronted with collaboration? What are the differing stages of collaboration? Strand is also currently working with performer-dancer-choreographer Marcus Doverud on a long-term collaborative project which has involved a number of performances and the writing a book on their concept ‘we-formation’.

In this interview, which took place in the artist’s studio in January 2015, Strand discusses her approach to work; her collaborative endeavours and her recent experience of working in the world of scientific research in preparation of new public pieces for Karolinska Sjukhuset and Hagastaden.