Roger Hansson



At his most recent show at Stene Projects in Stockholm Roger Hansson exhibited a body of work, paintings and sculptures, depicting motifs such as the Lone Ranger, elegant racing cyclists, butterflies, World War I fighter planes, tulips, skulls and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. These motifs, figurines, appear regularly in Hansson’s work, like comic book heroes drawn upon for their special power, they fight the good fight in disjunctured pursuits. Imagine the exploits of Don Quixote in a landscape located by Caspar David Friedrich, where Don Quixote is a free-flowing character constantly changing shape; at one point he’s the Lone Ranger on his horse Silver with an empty speech bubble, then he’s a butterfly approaching a vase of tulips with his friend the skull. Next, he’s racing away from the chasing pelaton on his bicycle.

The interview took place in Hansson’s studio in north Stockholm in March 2017.